Sunrise Above the Clouds

Yellow Mountains Sunrise

Huangshan is a mountain range in southern Anhui province in Eastern China. The name Huangshan literally translates to Yellow (Huang) Mountains (Shan). The mountain range is made up from material that was uplifted from an ancient sea, and the mountains were carved by the quaternary glacial period around 2.5 million years ago.

This shot was taken during my second day in the Yellow mountains after viewing the sunrise from a different location at the Cloud Dispersing Pavilion. Although this was a great place to view the sunrise, it was not as good to photograph as there was a lot of vegetation and distracting elements in the foreground.

After watching the sunrise I decided to take my chances at a spot which was full of tourists during the day, but considering it was facing south, I was the only one there during sunrise. I did not have to do much to this photo at all, I bracketed the shots at the time taking exposures at 0.3EV and -1.7EV while metering the foreground, but the D600 is so good at retaining detail in shadows and has amazing dynamic range, I just used the -1.7EV image and brought up the shadows slightly to bring back details in the mountain range. It is these type of scenes where the light is so good, you can pretty much use images straight out of the camera.