Sweden - Oliver Winter Photography
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Gripsholm Castle

Gripsholm Castle

Mariefred, Sweden

Lately i have been heavily reliant on taking HDR photos and processing them in Photomatix. I think HDR photography is really beneficial for indoors, during sunrise/sunset and at night, and for these three occasions I will be using the HDR techniques to really bring out the image but for scenes like this one I will develop my RAW editing skills and focus more on the scene than the dynamic range. I see too many terrible photos from people trying to use HDR software in scenes that do not require the dynamic range increase and I don’t want to start falling into that category. Then again I also see many amazing HDR photography and im sure I will continue my obsession with it.

This is my RAW edit of the Gippsholm Castle in Mariefred, Sweden. A day walking around a small town in the sun taking photographs of unknown scenery was refreshing. The post processing was done in Lightroom.