Hangzhou - Oliver Winter Photography
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Hangzhou Smokers

Hangzhou Smokers

Hangzhou, China

Biking around the West Lake in Hangzhou is probably listed in the first sentence of every tourism article or book written about Hangzhou. It would probably be better to do this during the week if possible as you may escape the hoards of Chinese tourists which visit West Lake on the weekends. It seems that every guide taking people on tours yell as loud as possible when explaining things, even though they are hooked up to a microphone, so it can get quite uncomfortable when trying to take in the tranquility of the West Lake.

This photo was taken on the North Eastern side of West lake, a performance was going on with traditional Chinese instruments, instead of trying to compete with the hundreds of people trying to photograph or film it, I decided to focus on photographing these guys who seemed completely disinterested in the performance, as i felt we had something in common….