Hoi An River

Hoi An, Veitnam

Hoi An Fishing Boats

Hoi An, Veitnam

Hoi An Boats

Hoi An, Veitnam

Commuting in the Rain

Hoi An, Vietnam

Walking in the Rain

Hoi An, Vietnam

Motorbike Ferry

Hoi An, Vietnam

Cooking Class – Beef Papaya Salad

Hoi An, Veitnam

Cooking Class – Vietnamese Pork

Hoi An, Vietnam

Cooking Class – Chicken Patties

Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An Street Market

Hoi An, Veitnam

Hoi An Fish Market

Hoi An, Veitnam

Hoi An Cooking School

Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An Night Market

Hoi An, Vietnam

Reaching Out Tea House

Hoi An, Vietnam

Carmen in the Tea House

Hoi An, Vietnam

Hanoi Street Market

Hanoi, Veitnam

Hanoi Local

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi City Train

Hanoi, Vietnam The Hanoi Railway line connecting Long Bien Bridge… Read more »

Ha Long Bay Fisherman

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam As we exited the Surprise cave… Read more »

Sung Sot Cave

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam This is another view from Surprise… Read more »

Surprise Cave Halong Bay

Halong Bay, Vietnam Suprise Cave is locaed inside Bo Hon… Read more »

Ha Long Bay Cruise

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam The boat in this picture been… Read more »

Ha Long Bay Fishing Village

Ha Long Bay – Vietnam Today we kayaked to one… Read more »

Temple of the Jade Mountain

Hanoi, Vietnam Located in the historical centre of Hanoi lies… Read more »

Bike Repairs in Hanoi

Hanoi, Vietnam Vietnam has more than 37 million motorbikes and… Read more »

Busy Streets in Hanoi

Hanoi, Vietnam Crossing the busy streets in Hanoi was always… Read more »

Hanoi Streets at Night

Hanoi, Vietnam I always felt pretty comfortable about walking the… Read more »

Hanoi Boy Preparing Dinner

Hanoi, Vietnam I was caught by this young boy trying… Read more »

Local Lady in Hanoi

Hanoi, Vietnam Took this sneaky photo of an older local… Read more »

Street Food in Hanoi

Hanoi, Vietnam Hanoi is renowned for its street food scene,… Read more »

Vietnam Power Lines

Hanoi, Vietnam The overhead power and data cabling throughout Vietnam… Read more »

Essence Hotel Hanoi

Hanoi, Vietnam After our long haul flight and long transit… Read more »

Flying to Vietnam

Hanoi – Vietnam This is my token wing shot whilst… Read more »

Amsterdam Selfie

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Charlottenburg Palace

Berlin, Germany Charlottenburg Palace is the largest palace in Berlin,… Read more »

Berlin Street Art “Leviathan” by Blu

Berlin, Germany Berlin is home many famous pieces of street… Read more »

Berlin Street Art “Brothers” by Blu

Berlin, Germany One of the most prolific street artist, Blu,… Read more »

Street art “Yellow Man”

Berlin, Germany “Yellow Man” is a painting by the twins… Read more »

Street Art “Suspended” Animals

Berlin, Germany Another popular street art piece located in the… Read more »

The Berlin Wall

Berlin, Germany Situated at the historic site on Bernauer Strasse… Read more »

Standing in the Jewish Memorial.

Berlin, Germany This was shot in the holocaust memorial in… Read more »

Carmen in the Jewish Memorial

Berlin, Germany

Jewish Memorial

Berlin, Germany The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe,… Read more »

Stuck in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, The Netherlands Storms resulted in an 8 hour delay… Read more »

Petrel Cove Long Exposure

Victor Harbour, South Australia

House on the Hill

Port Elliot, South Australia


Port Elliot, South Australia Some birdies soaking up some summer… Read more »

End of the Strand

Port Elliot, South Australia Taken on a quite afternoon down… Read more »

Stadium Australia

British and Irish Lions vs The Qantas Wallabies Game 3.

Rooftop Storms

Adelaide, South Australia Took this photo after seeing the big… Read more »

Wilpena Pound Stars

Flinders Ranges, South Australia The Flinders Ranges is one of… Read more »

Gnome House in Queenstown

Queenstown, Tasmania

Iron Blow

Queenstown, Tasmania Iron Blow was the site for the earliest… Read more »

Drifting Down The Gordon River

Gordon River Tasmania

Gordon River Fishing

Gordon River Fishing Just before we left Adelaide, Henry decided… Read more »

Hydrating on the Gordon River

Hydrating on the Gordon River Although the Gordon River has… Read more »

Gordon River Kayaking

Gordon River Kayaking Our Gordon River Kayaking trip was underway,… Read more »

Kayaking the Gordon River

Kayaking the Gordon River Once we got all our gear… Read more »

The Gordon River Colours

The Gordon River Colours The lower part of the Gordon… Read more »

Gordon River Game Face

Gordon River Game Face We finally arrived at the mouth… Read more »

Macquarie Harbour Fish Farms

Macquarie Harbour Fish Farms Scattered throughout Macquarie Harbour are large… Read more »

Hells Gates Macquarie Harbour

Hells Gates, Macquarie Harbour The mouth of Macquarie Harbour on the… Read more »

Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather Aboard the historic Gordon River Cruise travelling down… Read more »

Departing Strahan

Departing Strahan The Gordon River Cruise departs from Strahan and the… Read more »

The Gordon River Cruise

The Gordon River Cruise Our kayaking trip down the Gordon… Read more »

Tasmanian Mountains

Tasmanian Mountains The Australian island state of Tasmania has a… Read more »

Detour Through Burnie, Tasmania

Burnie, Tasmania This is the moment when we all realise… Read more »

Launceston to Strahan, Long Drive South

Launceston to Strahan, Tasmania After landing in Launceston, Tasmania we… Read more »

Bottom of the Strand

Port Elliot, South Australia Got a chance to play around… Read more »


Kangaroo Island, South Australia My favourite place to stay in… Read more »

Boats in the West Lake

Hangzhou, China If you want to escape the thousands of… Read more »

Hangzhou Houseboat

Hangzhou, China

Hangzhou Smokers

Hangzhou, China Biking around the West Lake in Hangzhou is… Read more »

On top of the Yellow Mountains

Huangshan, China Cute selfie…. This was taken after waking up… Read more »

Chinese Dominoes

Huangshan, China The Chinese love their street games, everyday I… Read more »

Sunrise Above the Clouds

Yellow Mountains Sunrise Huangshan is a mountain range in southern… Read more »

Lupu Bridge

Shanghai, China The Lupu Bridge is an arch bridge over… Read more »

Bicycle Repair

Shanghai, China I photographed this little girl/boy, i can never… Read more »

Empty Slums

Shanghai, China This is not a unique image for Shanghai… Read more »

Shanghai Slums

Shanghai, China

Out to Dry

Shanghai, China

Fresh Duck and Ultraman

Shanghai, China This is one of the first images from… Read more »

Shanghai Workman

Shanghai, China

Shanghai Mechanics

Shanghai, China

Games in the Pergola

Shanghai, China

Shanghai Flowers

Shanghai, China The underlying image of shanghai is a gigantic… Read more »

Reading the News

Shanghai, China

Hot Tubbing

A bit of man love in the Hot Tub while… Read more »


The Basset Hound

Adelaide, South Australia

Textured Trees

Stockholm, Sweden

Swimming Laps

Sydney, Australia

Bondi Traffic

Bondi Beach – Sydney, Australia  

Waiting for the Whales to Pass

Port Elliot, South Australia


Finniss River, South Australia


Archibald Edgar Dempster Craven, the little Coca Spaniel Legend.  

Green Bay

Port Elliot, South Australia


Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Road Tripping

Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Follow the Trail

Kangaroo Island, South Australia

The Calm

Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Hansons Bay

Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Approaching Storm

Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Cape du Couedic

Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Remarkable Rocks

Kangaroo Island, South Australia

All the Gear

Victor Harbour, South Australia

Last Light

Port Elliot, South Australia

Testing Times

Port Elliot, South Australia

Middleton Calm

Port Elliot, South Australia

Choppy Seas

Victor Harbour, South Australia

Petrel Textured

Victor Harbour, South Australia


Victor Harbour, South Australia

Harry Thring

Adelaide, South Australia

Gent Reflections

Gent, Belgium

Grey Gent

Gent, Belgium

Into the Cove

Victor Harbour, South Australia

Jagged Rocks

Victor Harbour, South Australia

Petrels Chaos

Victor Harbour, South Australia

Petrels Whitewash

Victor Harbour, South Australia

Swirly Knights

Port Elliot, South Australia

Freemans Knob

Port Elliot, South Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney, Australia

Bondi, Storm

Sydney, Australia

MCG From Above

Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia

Down The Road

Great Ocean Road, Australia

Arc de Triomphe

Paris, France

Trier Foyer

Trier, Germany


Trier, Germany

Berliner Dom Interior

Berlin, Germany

Inside the Berliner Dom

Berlin, Germany

Being an Extra in Berlin

Berlin, Germany Whilst walking around Berlin I ran into the… Read more »

Brandenburg Gate

Berlin, Germany

Berliner Dom

Berlin, Germany

Gamla Stan

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm Central Station

Stockholm, Sweden Here I am overlooking the busy commuters inside… Read more »

Gamla Stan Textured

Stockholm, Sweden

Gamla Stan – Metro

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm Tower

Stockholm, Sweden

Woodland Cemetery

Stockholm, Sweden Skogskyrkogården is a cemetery located in Stockholm, Sweden…. Read more »

Woodland Trees

Stockholm, Sweden

Village in the Fjords

Flåm, Norway


Stockholm, Sweden


Stockholm, Sweden

End of the Line

Rabbit Tracks

Stockholm Town Hall

Stockholm, Sweden

Winter Warmth

Stockholm, Sweden This view was very familiar to me in… Read more »

Antwerp Sunset

Antwerp, Belgium This is one of my earliest photographs, at… Read more »

Frozen Boats

Leuven, Belgium This is another photo taken at The Fresh… Read more »

Winter Spikes

Leuven, Belgium This was taken just after christmas in 2010… Read more »